We provide a wide range of IP right protection services including the following:


Drawing up claims and negotiating the cessation of violation of IP rights to your IP items.


Representation of interests in all judicial instances and the executive service of Ukraine.

Titles of protection - patents for inventions, useful models, industrial designs, trademark certificates, international registrations operating in Ukraine, can be invalidated judicially.

The grounds for the recognition of a title of protection as invalid can be the non-conformance of an IP item to the conditions of granting legal protection, including if they were issued in violation of the rights of third persons/entities.

If your rights are infringed or you are accused of infringement of the rights of third persons/entities, you can apply our company for aid. For our part, we will carry out a legal analysis of the current situation and suggest possible ways out of it.


Introduction of an intellectual property item in the Customs register of items of intellectual property rights of Ukraine.

An effective way to prevent illegal export/import of goods is to enter data on an IP item in the Customs register, which will prevent getting of counterfeit products into the domestic and foreign markets.

Representation of interests in the State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine and its subordinate bodies.

We represent the interests of our clients on the following issues: recognition of brands as well known in Ukraine, contesting decisions of the State Service of Intellectual Property of Ukraine on refusal to register trademarks, obtaining permits to use the official name of the state of Ukraine as part of trademarks.

Representation on the issues of preclusion of unfair competition in the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

Filing applications to law enforcement and judicial authorities to stop the infringement of intellectual property rights to your useful model.

We know how to build the right activity strategy aimed at protecting the rights and interests of the client by combining, as necessary, both judicial and administrative instruments.